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“Not just a Creative Logo, We create a unique Brand Identity for your Business”

The most basic yet highly essential element of any business is its Corporate Identity Design and within it, the Logo is the fundamental element. We, here at Sedulous, are a firm believer that a logo is an identity in itself that not only complements the brand name but also add to it the value of trust, empathy, as well as an immense flow of goodwill. We strive to add a personal touch to logos that syncs with the target audience and the business’s long-term visions. The formula has done miracles so far.

We, Sedulous, leading branding and Digital Agency in India take pride in offering industry’s most creative Logo Designing services. Our professional skillful Designers will come up with a Logo design that has the aptitude to set your business apart from the global competition. Sedulous will create a Logo design which will be as unique as your company. Our Process is Fast, Easy & Personal.

When you see a ‘half-eaten apple’ logo on a gadget, do you not trust its performance (sometimes even blindly)? Or when you see a ‘Swoosh’ on an apparel, do you not trust its quality without even checking its fabric material?


And this is what we strive to bring for our clients—a beautiful, simple and personalized logo that, inaudibly, speaks volume of their brand. We blend our years of vital experience with top-notch creativity. We have a highly enthusiastic team of Logo Designing professionals who tout high experience and even higher qualification—all driven to deliver clients not just best value for their money but also the best experience ever.

What We Offer:

  • Affordable logo designing service
  • A personalized logo that gets along with your business type perfectly
  • High-Resolution master vector files in many different formats
  • Quick delivery; way before deadlines
  • Direct interaction with the designing team because we understand time is treasure
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Ethical solutions

At Sedulous, we offer a wide range of logo designing packages to serve different clients of diverse industries efficiently and adequately. So regardless your needs and requirements, trust us to deliver you nothing but the best. Contact Us today to get things going.

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